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HVS supports dealers before and after the sale. Your success is our success – we want your customers to be extremely pleased with the vision solution that we provide.

Forklift Dealers

Dealers know they can rely on HVS to recommend the right product to meet their customers’ needs. Because of our long experience with providing vision solutions for material handling and other industrial purposes, we can more easily understand the issues your customer faces and recommend system options. We are happy to educate you and your customer and answer any questions.

Eliminating visibility issues for operators will make your equipment easier and safer to use and may remove a barrier to purchase. We can normally provide photos of our camera system used in a similar application and video recordings showing what the operator would see on the screen. In some cases, we can loan a kit for demo at a customer location. We provide discounted pricing for dealers.

We design our systems to simplify installation on your type of equipment. We write the owner’s manuals in plain English, providing instructions and wiring diagrams tailored to forklift applications.

We provide service and no-charge phone support after the sale from our office in Midwest America. We will answer the phone if you call. We can normally repair most components if they are damaged – saving you and the customer money. We don’t require customers to replace an entire camera system because one component has failed – we sell service parts.

Contact HVS today to discuss your customer’s needs. We will be happy to assist you. Or request a quote below.

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