Reasons to Buy a Camera System from HVS

Most companies justify purchase of camera systems through a combination of factors.

Some or all of these factors may apply to you.

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

  • Increase in effectiveness of temporary forklift operators, with reduced damage
  • Faster training of new operators
  • Increase in throughput (more picks-per-hour) because operators gain confidence when they are able to watch their forks more closely. They are also able to use appropriate caution when they can see they are dealing with a broken or turned pallet.
  • Increase in warehouse square-foot utilization (some customers would not place products on higher rack levels because operators could not see to handle products there safely or without damage). Cameras also support a reduction in aisle-width since operators can judge fork height much more easily by watching the monitor screen than by looking up at a higher angle from ground level.
  • Easier adjustment of operators to varying shelf-heights throughout the warehouse
  • Reduction in mis-picks. Operators can visually confirm that it is the correct item at a designated rack position and not one that is mis-located.
  • Faster inspection of products. In some cases the operator just needs to visually check a product on the rack and with a camera he can often do that without bringing the product down to floor level.
  • Labeling verification. Camera systems can be supplied which allow operators to read rack and pallet labels without bringing the product down off the rack.
Reduce Injury

Avoid Neck Strain

  • Decrease in health-associated costs and lost work time due to neck strain
  • Increase operators productivity and comfort while working longer shifts
  • Avoid possible limitations from employees who have or have had prior health issues
Promote Safety

Decrease Accidents – Increase Safety

  • Decrease in manpower needed from elimination of pedestrian spotters used to assist forklift drivers
  • Poor visibility due to large forklift attachments or quad-mast trucks can be improved
  • Rear-view cameras help the operator avoid backing into warehouse racking or stacks of product
  • Cameras on the tractors of man-up trucks help the operators watch for cross-traffic when exiting an aisle, and help him look for pedestrians or other trucks coming down the aisle he is in

Reduce Product Damage

  • Decrease in product damage
  • Decrease in damage to racking and other warehouse equipment
  • Decrease in costs associated with cleanup of products spilled, pushed-off racks, or jammed on racks.
  • Broken pallets can be identified while on the rack, and handled to avoid issues
Record and monitor

Record Operations

  • Condition documentation. Recording camera systems are available that provide objective evidence of pallet condition at various stages of handling and transport. Systems with wi-fi export of data are available.
  • Recording camera systems help reduce theft
  • Recording camera systems allow monitoring operator behavior to ensure he is following required checklists and following required procedures to ensure safe operation
Assist New Operators

Assist New Operators

  • Avoid turnover from monitor assistance in tough operations
  • Decrease product damage when workers are new and inexperienced
  • Make new operators more productive sooner by visual assistance and training videos of your operations
  • Record new operators working in case of accidents to find cause
  • Record proper performance for your operations for training purposes