Integra-Z Laser

The easy-to-see green laser projects onto pallets in the exact alignment of the forks, allowing operators to work with ease, increasing picks per hour and reducing product damage.


The Integra Laser is positioned on the carriage to project a green laser beam directly in line with the end forks. This ensures accuracy in fork alignment for effortless aim in pallet openings. Designed for seamless integration on your truck, the laser system guarantees durability and hassle-free installation, effortlessly becoming a part of your forklift’s functionality. The system can be installed in as little as 30 minutes.

Its self-contained design eliminates the need for any wiring modifications on the truck. With a battery holder and control system thoughtfully integrated into the robust welded steel mount, installation is simple. All items will be secured on the truck at once by tightening two bolts.

The Integra Laser is powered from a rechargeable lithium battery pack, delivering 100 hours of operation between charges. Its automatic control system intelligently activates the laser when the forks are raised (adjustable within a range of 6 to 18 inches) and deactivates it when the forks are lowered for driving or parking. For scenarios where you would like the laser to stay on, such as unloading from dark trailers, the sensor can be unplugged, allowing continuous laser operation.




Laser Wavelength532nm (Green Color)
Output PowerCertified 4.0-5.0mW
FDA Class / ANSI ClassIIIA / 3R
Beam Fan Angle60° (4’ Length Line at 4’)
Power12VDC Input, <100mA
Optimum Operating Temp.59°F – 95°F (15°C – 35°C)
DimensionsClass 2A – 17.5L x 3.5W x 3D in.
(445 x 89 x 76mm)
Class 3A – 21.5L x 3.5W x 3D in.
(546 x 89 x 76mm)
Class 4A – 26.5L x 3.5W x 3D in.
(673 x 89 x 76mm)
WeightClass 2A – 9.5 lb. (4.3kg)
Class 3A – 11.5 lb. (5.3 kg)
Class 4A – 13.5 lb. (6.2 kg)


Contact us for customization options such as truck powered systems, laser and camera options, truck variables, and more.


Specifications sheet – HVS9487C – Integra Z Laser System

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