Integra-L LED Light

Mounting on the fork-carriage, the Integra LED light assists operators in seeing dimly lit areas. The LED light allows for more accurate picking.


Positioned in alignment with the fork blades, the light serves to illuminate where the forks are aimed. Built for resilience, ease of installation, and seamless service, the light is a self-sustained unit.

There’s no requirement for additional wiring adjustments on the truck. Streamlining the process, a battery holder and control system are seamlessly integrated into the welded steel mount. This holistic approach simplifies installation, involving the secure fastening of all components onto the truck through the tightening of two bolts.

Drawing energy from a rechargeable lithium battery pack, the light can operate for 100 hours before it needs to be recharged. Adding intelligence to illumination, an automated control activates the light as system enters dimly lit areas or when the forks ascend (with adjustability between 6 and 18 inches) and automatically turns it off when the forks are lowered for driving or parking, extending the life of the battery.




LED48 Count 5mm 5000K
Brightness200 Lumens / 150° Beam Angle
BatteryLithium Rechargeable, 12V x 6.8Ah
Battery LifeApprox. 100 hours with Sensor or 14 Hours Continuous
ConstructionSteel Plate, Welded
AttachmentTruck must use ITA Hook-On Forks 2 ea. ½” – 13 Hex-Head Bolts
Size17.0L x 4.0W x 2.75D in. (Class 2A)
(432 x 102 x 70mm)
Weight8.2 lb.
Weather ResistantRust-Resistant Powder Coat Finish
Standard Battery is not rain-proof
OptionsSizes for Class 2A, 3A, 3B, 4A Forklift Carriages
Part NumberHVS9412 (Class 2A)
HVS9415 (Class 3A)
HVS9416 (Class 3B)
HVS9417 (Class 4A)


Contact us for customization options such as truck powered systems, added laser and camera options, truck variables, and more.


Specifications sheet – Fork Light Integra

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