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High Reach / Deep Reach

Efficient warehouses often have narrow aisles, tall racking, and double-deep racking in order to store a higher volume of products in a given area. These densely packed warehouses are often served by reach-type forklifts that have tall masts. It is difficult for forklift operators to judge the height of their forks when picking from an upper rack level because the pallet pockets appear as thin horizontal lines. Double-deep racking presents an additional challenge because operators must insert their forks without seeing the pallet when picking from the rear layer.

Without a solution in place:

  • Operations are slower, with fewer picks per hour.

  • There is higher operator turnover.

  • Inexperienced operators damage pallets and racking.

  • Time is spent cleaning up messes from damaged products and broken fire sprinkler heads.

  • Utilization of higher rack levels or double-deep racking is limited.

Using an HVS camera system:

  • Operators can their forks and position them accurately in the pallet pocket.

  • Operators can see if a pallet is broken or turned before lifting it.

  • Operators can confirm they have the correct pallet before bringing it down.

  • Bar codes on rack and pallet labels can be scanned on the monitor (some models).

  • A monitor displaying the forks and load at all times gives operators greater confidence, leading to higher productivity.

  • Pallet damage decreases when operators can see to ensure there is sufficient clearance to adjacent pallets already on the rack.

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Let's Build Something Together

HVS welcomes the opportunity to work with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to help integrate camera systems into their products.

Eliminating visibility issues for operators will make your equipment easier and safer to use and will remove a possible barrier to purchase. HVS is able to design camera systems to integrate with your equipment, support its application, and suit its operating environment.

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