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Industrial Process Monitoring

With camera systems from Holland Vision Systems, forklifts and lift trucks can be visually monitored in real time using video systems with wi-fi.

Without a Solution in Place:

  • Operators control the process by instrument data alone.
  • Instrument readings may not be able to describe some process characteristics or types of malfunctions,
  • It is difficult or impossible for the operator to view distant areas from his workstation.
  • There is no capture of historic process information to help with troubleshooting malfunctions. 

Using an HVS camera system:

  • Operators get “the big picture” quickly by viewing the output from the process and at important stages along the way.
  • Important process parameters can be overlaid onto the video image in some cases.
  • Authorized personnel can visually monitor processes from anywhere in the world (using network-enabled camera systems).

Other Applications

Loading truck

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Tugger Applications

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Other Applications

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Let's Build Something Together

HVS welcomes the opportunity to work with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to help integrate camera systems into their products.

Eliminating visibility issues for operators will make your equipment easier and safer to use and will remove a possible barrier to purchase. HVS is able to design camera systems to integrate with your equipment, support its application, and suit its operating environment.

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