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Holland Vision Systems

Holland Vision Systems, Inc. is an American manufacturer of specialized closed-circuit TV camera systems for use on forklifts, military vehicles, agricultural equipment, and used as part of industrial processing equipment.

Our forklift camera systems are designed to make an immediate improvement in daily operations. Tall racking, double-deep racking, and other physical conditions can restrict operator’s view and hinder their ability to work safely and efficiently.

Installing a camera to view each critical area will let the operator comfortably monitor the restricted vision area, often leading to:

· Improved operational efficiency

· Decreased risk of safety incidents

· Improved operator ergonomics

· Reduced damage to products and warehouse equipment

We specialize in rugged, high-quality camera systems and pride ourselves on our ability to provide cost-effective solutions to meet each customer’s needs.

Please check out our Products page to learn more about the systems we offer. Products shown there represent only a small portion of our portfolio; we offer many additional options.

Holland Vision Systems welcomes all inquiries. As a manufacturer of custom video camera, monitor and recording products, we are able to design systems tailored to your application. Contact us for more information.

We are honored to have our camera systems in use with 500+ customers. Here are some names you may recognize:


    Albertson's / Shaw's


    Avery Dennison

    Ball Metals

    The Boeing Company

    The Campbell Soup Company


    The City of Philadelphia

    Coors Brewing


    Dean Foods

    Ford Motor Company

    General Motors

    Georgia Pacific


    International Paper

    Lockhead Martin




    New York City Police Department


    PPG Industries

    Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engines

    Procter & Gamble



    The University of Washington

    U.S. Steel