About Holland Vision System

Providing rugged video camera systems tailored to meet customers’ needs

About Us

Since 1996, Holland Vision Systems has been providing rugged video camera systems tailored to meet customers’ needs. We started by helping the farmers. Agricultural equipment is large with blind spots and farmers had difficulty seeing their crops around this heavy equipment. Working outdoors in all kinds of weather, with dirt flying and heavy vibration, farmers could not find the heavy mobile video systems they needed. So, we set about designing a robust system from scratch. We wrote specifications describing exactly how the system was to operate, designed circuit boards, specified components, programmed microprocessors, machined enclosures, and assembled the product ourselves.

Since that time, we have found other needs for our camera systems where vision is impaired.  We have expanded from agricultural camera systems to rugged forklift camera systems, to stationary camera systems for monitoring horse barns and dairies, to video security and observation and camera systems for monitoring industrial processes.  Along the way, we have realized many similarities in serving these diverse markets. As we have come to understand the challenges of each application, we often find that we can apply crossover technology to innovate new products. This has allowed us to delight our customers because we can offer unique solutions and a broader range of options to meet their needs. We plan on continuing this approach as one of the core strategies of our business.

The other pillar of our business strategy is customer service. There has been tremendous growth in the number of closed-circuit TV products with an expanded amount of features. These choices have made it even more difficult for a company, or the average consumer for that matter, to design a system that will meet their needs. From the very beginning, Holland Vision Systems has used a “consultative approach” by getting to know each customer, treating them with respect, taking the time to understand their business and their video surveillance needs, and working with them to develop a system that meets their requirements and their budget.

We place high value on our reputation and the customer relationships we develop, so we continue to provide responsive, friendly customer service year over year.

Integra Product Development

Check out one of our latest examples of product development. Watch Video






Integra forklift camera guard

First Run of Parts, ready for Powder Coat

Integra camera is on forklift

Electronics are installed and Integra is Ready for Use


  • Increase runtime between charges by 300%
  • Eliminate need for operator to switch off camera at end of shift
  • Simplify installation process
  • Cut installation time and cost dramatically


  • Installation on forklift only takes about 30 minutes
  • Run time of batteries tested at 115 hours
  • Camera turns on and off automatically – not remote or fob required!
  • Integrated camera, wireless transmitter, antenna, battery holder, sensor, and shutoff control into a single bolt-on module for easy installation
  • Overall, project resulted in improved functionality with reduced costs!

Why Choose Holland Vision Systems?

Holland Vision System is an American designer and manufacturer of camera systems for material handling and other industrial applications. We have been in business more than 20 years and have gained valuable, specialized experience with a great variety of applications.

  • We make the effort to understand your needs. We take the time and ask questions until we are clear about what visibility issues you have. We don’t just sell you a camera system and make you figure out how to use it.
  • We develop product and can configure camera systems as needed. We have a broad portfolio (approaching 10,000 part numbers!) so we probably already have the right system available, but if not, we can usually create a new system design for you.
  • For manufacturers wanting to build a camera system into their product, we go to great lengths to choose or develop the right equipment for their needs. We can tailor most features of our systems and we will work with your team to ensure that the camera system will smoothly integrate into your product and manufacturing processes.
  • We service what we sell.  We don’t make you replace an entire camera system if you damage one part.   We can repair most parts if they are damaged, saving you money.
  • We write owner’s manuals so they are complete and understandable, with material handling applications in mind. You will get better instructions than you might receive from other suppliers – two or three pages of broken English written for an automotive application.
  • We answer the phone. We are located in the Midwest U.S., in the Eastern time zone. Someone is normally available to answer calls for several hours after our closing time of 5:00pm.