HVS has provided cameras solutions for hundreds of different applications. See our top applications below.

Recording Application

Recording Applications

Having a video record of what happens if pallets get damaged or people get hurt shows who was responsible and helps prevent future incidents. Issues typically decrease when forklift operators know they will be held accountable. Recordings can be useful training aids and are invaluable for proving that every pallet ordered was loaded in a trailer and that all were in good condition.

Deep Reach

Deep Reach

Warehouses often have narrow aisles, tall racking, and double-deep racking in order to store a higher volume of products. It is difficult for forklift operators to judge the height of their forks when picking from an upper rack level. Double-deep racking presents an additional challenge because operators must insert their forks without seeing the pallet when picking from the rear layer.

Roll Handling

Roll Handling - Antler Trucks

Rolls of material are often very large and can block the forklift operator’s view, making it difficult to maneuver the forklift. Rolls are easily damaged or soiled, causing scrap loss. It is difficult for the operator to place the ends of the roll core into rack receptacles without cameras to help.

Roll Clamps

Roll Handling - Roll Clamps

Rolls of material are often very large and can block the forklift operator’s view, making it difficult to maneuver the forklift. Rolls are easily damaged or soiled, causing scrap loss. It is difficult for the operator to judge where the bottom of the roll is without cameras to help.

Metal Coil Handling

Roll Handling - Carpet Pole

It’s often difficult for the operator to align the tip of a long carpet pole with the core of a roll to be moved. It’s a slow process that can result in damage to the rolled product. HVS camera systems allow the operator to see a magnified view of the area around the tip of the carpet pole on an LCD screen – decreasing the chance of damage and increasing productivity as operators gain confidence.

Rear View Application

Rear View

Maneuvering a forklift is difficult since it requires driving in reverse for most jobs due to the load obstructing the frontal view. Rear-end steering makes the forklift take tight turns in the front but swing wide in the back.

Monitoring Industrial Processes

Industrial Process Monitoring

HVS provides camera systems that allow visual monitoring of industrial processes. With our great experience designing rugged camera systems, we can supply products suitable for dirty, vibration-prone, dark, and corrosive environments.

Marina Truck Application

Marina Truck Applications

Dry-storage racking of boats is becoming increasingly popular. Boats often have delicate features like windshields, bimini covers, mirrors, antennas, and wakeboard racks that can easily be damaged during placement or removal of a boat from the storage rack. The cost to repair each damaged boat can easily run into the thousands of dollars.

Metal Coil Handling

Lift Tractor Applications

Visibility is limited when tractors fitted with forks are used to move crates or pallets. Operators often cannot see their forks when picking product from the ground. A “spotter” person may assist the operator, and damaged pallets and produce is common.


Tugger Applications

Tugger trains are an efficient way to move pallets around the factory floor. It is impossible for the operator to fully monitor the train cars behind him while he is driving forward, resulting in damaged warehouse equipment and safety concerns.

Metal Coil Handling

Metal Coil Handling

Moving large metal coils is challenging. The operator often has limited visibility of his forks or coil ram and can easily hit the coil’s edge or push too far through it, resulting in scrap loss, delays, and extra labor. A camera system designed for your application can solve your visibility issues.

Metal Coil Handling


With constant advances in technology, evolving customer needs, and unique applications many of our systems are built-to-order. See your options here.

Let's Build Something Together

HVS welcomes the opportunity to work with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to help integrate camera systems into their products.

Eliminating visibility issues for operators will make your equipment easier and safer to use and will remove a possible barrier to purchase. HVS is able to design camera systems to integrate with your equipment, support its application, and suit its operating environment.

We have been in business more than 25 years.
Holland Vision System is an American designer and manufacturer of camera systems for material handling and other industrial applications. We have been in business more than 25 years and have gained valuable, specialized experience with a great variety of applications.
We don't just sell you a camera system and make you figure out how to use it.
We make the effort to understand your needs. We take the time and ask questions until we are clear about what visibility issues you have. We don't just sell you a camera system and make you figure out how to use it.
We develop product and can configure camera systems as needed.
We have a broad portfolio (approaching 10,000 part numbers!) so we probably already have the right system available, but if not, we can usually create a new system design for you.
We can special design a system to fuse into your product and manufacturing process.

For manufacturers wanting to build a camera system into their product, we go to great lengths to choose or develop the right equipment for their needs. We can tailor most features of our systems and we will work with your team to ensure that the camera system will smoothly integrate into your product and manufacturing processes.

We service what we sell.
We don't make you replace an entire camera system if you damage one part. We can repair most parts if they are damaged, saving you money.
We write owner's manuals so they are complete and understandable.
We write owner's manuals so they are complete and understandable, with material handling applications in mind. You will get better instructions than you might receive from other suppliers - two or three pages of broken English written for an automotive application.
We answer the phone.
We are located in the Midwest U.S., in the Eastern time zone. Someone is normally available to answer calls for several hours after our closing time of 5:00pm.