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Serving a Variety of Industries with Custom Solutions 

Holland Vision Systems’ expertise extends far beyond just forklift applications. Catering to a wide range of industries, we offer tailored solutions to address your specific challenges and needs. Here are a few examples of our diverse applications: 

metal coil with solution 600x450 2 Serving a Variety of Industries with Custom Solutions 

Metal Coil Handling 

In metal coil handling operations, limited visibility of forks or ram often leads to product damage. To mitigate this issue, we provide cameras that can be utilized to watch the area under the load to assist with picking from the floor and placing the coil on a dolly. The operator can maintain proper clearance to the floor, ensuring that driving over uneven surfaces will not cause product damage. Additionally, cameras can be mounted at the end of forks to enable operators to track fork ends, even when hidden inside the coils. 

shutterstock 1817949590 marina trucks 600x399 2 Serving a Variety of Industries with Custom Solutions 

Marina Truck Applications 

Marina trucks used for the dry storage of boats often suffer from poor visibility. By installing our camera systems, operators gain an unprecedented advantage. They can now have a clear view of the top of the boat and ensure optimal clearance to rack beams, fire sprinkler heads, and boats located above. With a camera at the bottom of the fork carriage, our innovative solution enables operators to position their fork tips with accuracy, right underneath the boat hull. This precise placement minimizes the risk during lifting and handling, leading to a significant reduction in product damage and safety incidents for marina operators. 

Lift Tractor Application Serving a Variety of Industries with Custom Solutions 

Lift Tractor Applications 

Holland Vision Systems has successfully provided solutions for tractors and many other types of large farm and construction machinery. In fact, this is how Holland Vision Systems started back in the 90’s! Large machinery equipped to move products and produce often suffer from limited visibility, making safe operation a challenge. Our camera systems provide front and rear-view for drivers, allowing easier and safer operation. The cameras are also robust and weatherproof, housed in die-cast metal in order to withstand dirt and jolting around.  

Motnior Serving a Variety of Industries with Custom Solutions 

Live Process Monitoring and Recording  

Beyond equipment applications, Holland Vision Systems has also provided cameras to companies for live process monitoring and recording purposes. One company uses our cameras to record tests they conducted, allowing them to play back and document the results and timing of the tests. Other purposes of our cameras are often for the ability to view machinery and operations in real-time from an office or another location in the warehouse to ensure smooth running and minimal downtime. 

With constant advances in technology, evolving customer needs, and unique applications, many of our systems are built-to-order.  If we don’t have an existing camera system that fits your needs, we will happily create a tailored kit to satisfy your unique challenges. 

Written by Jessica VerBeek

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