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New Portable Camera Solutions | Introducing New Product Line: FlexCam 

Holland Vision Systems is excited to announce a new product, the FlexCam! This versatile new camera system comes in two models, the FlexCam Mobile, which connects to your phone or tablet, and Flexcam Monitor, which displays its feed on the provided monitor. 

FlexCam Mobile System: 

The FlexCam Mobile System is your ultimate camera companion that syncs its feed with your smartphone or tablet, providing you with real-time monitoring at your fingertips. Thanks to its heavy-duty magnetic mount, this camera offers you the freedom to position it exactly where you need it on almost any piece of equipment for any temporary or long-term use. 

Using it is easy – simply download the app and connect the camera to your phone via Wi-Fi. Whether you’re in farming, manufacturing, transportation, material handling, or overseeing processes, the FlexCam Mobile System offers the versatility to cater to your diverse needs. 

Flex Cam MockUp 2 1024x1024 1 New Portable Camera Solutions | Introducing New Product Line: FlexCam 

The FlexCam camera is portable, making it a perfect choice for rental equipment. Whether you are renting equipment for yourself, or renting out equipment to others, a portable camera system allows it to be moved from vehicle to vehicle, creating a better view in tough to see spots. This can really benefit people who might not use the same equipment daily. Its user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to connect the camera to multiple devices and even capture screenshots for documentation effortlessly. Plus, its impressive low light visibility and flood lighting options guarantee clear visuals even in challenging lighting conditions. 

This camera is designed to be your reliable partner even when charging, making it able to be a permanent fixture if required. With its intuitive design and features, the FlexCam Mobile System may be the perfect answer for all your real-time monitoring and visibility needs. One of our most recent customers commented that it was perfect for his farm equipment, specifically on his auger. Given that all tractors and equipment aren’t in use year-round, they found the FlexCam Mobile to be an ideal solution, easily moving from one tractor to another based on the day or season. 

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FlexCam Monitor System: 

The FlexCam Monitor System, in contrast to the FlexCam Mobile System, comes with a magnetically mounted camera and its own monitor that can be mounted in your cab for your operator. This versatile product caters to a wide range of applications to suit your visibility needs.  

The FlexCam Monitor System is your bridge between permanence and adaptability due to its heavy-duty magnetic mount. It’s a fantastic long-term option for areas with known blind spots, while still granting you the power to shift it around for those unique, hard to see perspectives. 

We are excited to share these new products with you because here at HVS, we are continuously committed to finding the best solutions for your camera system needs. The introduction of the FlexCam opens the door to many possibilities.  

Being a new product, we are looking for customers to try out one of these systems in return for a short survey about the experience. This could be an opportunity to get one of these for free! Interested? Email [email protected]

Written by Jessica VerBeek

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