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Customer Testimonial: How Camera Systems Revolutionized Double Deep Racking Challenges

Over the years, many of our customers have trusted us to design customized solutions to meet their unique requirements. This particular customer was struggling to find a solution for double deep rack storage. Our innovative camera systems provided a clear view for operators to see up high without straining their neck while simultaneously reducing product damage. Here is what our customer had to say about their decision to invest in HVS camera systems for their forklift fleet and the results they achieved after two years of use: 

“Here in our warehouse, we have a variety of racking. Our biggest challenge from a product retrieval process is that of double deep rack storage and sideways rack storage. Both have challenges that are increased when you get to higher levels (we go to 30′ with varying levels, depending which zone you are in). 

In the past we’ve had product pushed through racks because operators could not see their forks entering the inner position of double deep storage. We’ve had pallets and product twisted and knocked off the racks due to the challenges of aligning forks to the stringer cut outs in sideways storage. We’ve had neck injuries from looking up constantly when performing lift work. 

When we needed to show a cost justification to purchase the cameras we advertised that we could reduce neck strain claims (which is really not quantifiable in $$), we thought that we could reduce the time/labor spent correcting twisted product and loose product in the racks, and we could reduce damage to product caused by lift operator errors. We also felt that we would experience improved efficiency because the challenges associated with the retrieval process would be minimized. 

So far, we’ve been very favorable on all counts. The biggest success is the mere fact that the lift operators love the cameras and now don’t want to be without them. For a group that can be resistant to change, this was one change that they welcomed wholeheartedly.” 

-Quote from a warehouse manager in Maryland 

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The implementation of HVS camera systems has significantly reduced product damage and increased efficiency for this customer, delivering visible and tangible results. The quality and longevity of our products really speak for themselves. Partner with us to find your solution to visibility challenges.  

Written by Jessica VerBeek

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