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Behind the Scenes at HVS – The Production of the Rugged Series 

Holland Vision Systems is excited to announce the launch of our latest video project: The Rugged Series! These videos highlight the unique features and benefits of our robust products including a recording system, rear-view system, our Integra Laser-Camera-Combo, and our Integra Laser. It is our vision that they will provide viewers with a deeper look into how our offerings can deliver innovative solutions in various workplace settings.  

Behind the scenes: We filmed all 4 videos in a single day, meaning we installed and de-installed each different system. Our (optional) magnetic mounts made this a quick and easy process!

IMG 5367 Behind the Scenes at HVS – The Production of the Rugged Series 
Behind the Scenes Photo
behind the scenes

Without further ado, we present: The Rugged Series.  

Forklift Recording System – IDVRW-TH 

If you are looking to protect your business from unwarranted claims, document pallet conditions/proof of liability, increase operator accountability, or decrease accidents, Holland Vision Systems recording kits might be for you! 

Behind the scenes: We had a few different directions that we could go with showcasing the benefits and capabilities of our recording systems. We ultimately decided to show the benefit of how our systems can be connected into your network allowing your management team to view operations live. Our second option was to show a recording of many pallets being loaded and the flawless condition they were loaded in, to show the viewer that we can provide proof in case of false claims. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough inventory to show this. Next time!

Rear-View Camera Systems 

Say goodbye to poor ergonomics/operator neck strain, and hello to increased productivity. Introducing the highest resolution rear-view camera systems for your operations! Housed in die-cast metal, Holland Vision Systems’ cameras are ready to withstand any challenge. One main feature that our customers love is the automatic switch of the monitor view when shifting into reverse. Get the fork view when picking pallets and allow the system to automatically switch to the rear-view when operating in reverse. Unleash improved visibility like never before! 

Behind the scenes: Our rear-view system was as tricky one! We really wanted to show the automatic switch of the monitor which displays the forward facing camera when traveling in a forward direction and automatically switches to displaying the rear-view facing camera when the truck is shifted into reverse. We tried out best to show this as flawlessly as possible! 

Integra Laser-Camera-Combo 

Operating heavy equipment in limited visibility conditions can be a costly challenge. But what if we told you there’s a game-changing solution that eliminates guesswork, enhances safety, and boosts productivity? The Integra Laser Camera Combo features a laser projection onto pallet pockets. With the addition of a monitor in the cab, operators can align forks precisely, mitigating product damage and reducing mis-picks. Don’t miss this game-changing technology in action!  

Behind the Scenes: The Laser-Camera-Combo systems was a fun one. Adding the element of a laser projection meant that we could be a little more creative. Towards the end of the filming day, one of our coworkers thought that we should use smoke to bring the green laser to life and it worked! We would’ve used more of it, but we incorporated it only in the final half hour of filming.

Integra Laser 

Work smarter, not harder with the Integra Laser! Laser beam projection eliminates the need for a spotter and helps operators pick more smoothly. Watch this video to see how you can enhance your operational efficiency and streamline productivity. 

Behind the Scenes: The last exploratory element that we used was a drone. We’d like to use drone footage more often, most likely for Mast-Cameras, but adding this element helped us show the projection of the green laser on the pallets without the use of a monitor. Since the monitors are optional for an Integra Laser, we wanted to best showcase the usefulness of the projected beam on the pallets themselves, rather than with the aid of a monitor.

We hope you enjoy these videos and that they prove to be a valuable resource to showcase what our camera systems can do. Feel free to share with others and/or let us know what other videos may be beneficial for your company. Keep an eye out for our future endeavors.  

Written by Jessica VerBeek

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