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Driving Change: Prioritizing Forklift Safety on National Forklift Safety Day 

Did you know around 62,000 injuries occur each year involving forklifts, 70% of which OSHA estimates are preventable? 

If such a large portion of these accidents could have been prevented, why not make more of an effort to avoid forklift accidents? Let’s come together and decrease this number to protect our companies, pedestrians, and our most important assets, our people

National Forklift Safety Day is an important occasion that highlights the significance of workplace safety and emphasizes the need for continuous improvement in forklift operations.  

Forklift Accidents: The Cost 

Failing to prioritize forklift safety can be very costly. The average worker’s compensation claim costs around $41,000. If an OSHA workplace violation is found, the average cost is $13,000. Repairing or replacing damaged products, racking, and/or forklifts can range in the thousands of dollars up to $100,000. Not to mention the potential cost of a human life, which is immeasurable.  

Forklift safety isn’t just a boring training session or a protocol that no one follows. It is to be taken seriously. We always think, “It won’t happen to me.” But the 62,000 yearly forklift accidents are occurring all over the US. 1 in 11 forklifts are in an accident each year. This means if you have at least 11 forklift trucks, you are extremely likely to have an accident this year, and the probability increases as your fleet grows. 

What can you do? 

Perhaps National Forklift Safety Day is an opportunity for you to take a brief moment and go over your current policies and procedures. You might have a quick safety meeting and make sure employee training is up to date. You can hang up this forklift safety checks poster, or this safety checklist. Or share these forklift safety statistics with your employees to increase awareness. 

Here are some tips to foster forklift safety: 

  • Regular maintenance. Inspections, servicing, and upkeep help ensure optimal performance while helping to reduce accidents. 
  • Max Capacity. Never compromise on the maximum load capacity. Adhere to the required load capacity limits for smooth operations and protection for everyone. 
  • Inspection. Inspecting your forklift before every shift is crucial. Always refer to the operation and maintenance manual for a detailed daily inspection list. 
  • Clear Area. Keep your work area clear to avoid accidents. Stay vigilant, stay cautious and ensure a safe environment for everyone.  
  • Resources For Your Operators. Providing more visibility, training, and regular check-ins with your operators ensures you know what is going on out on the floor. To give your operators better visibility of their operating environment, consider installing cameras and recording systems on each of their trucks. 

As we observe National Forklift Safety Day, let’s make a commitment to forklift safety and take concrete steps towards a safer future. By prioritizing safety today, we not only protect our employees and operations but also pave the way for a more secure and productive workplace tomorrow. Together, let’s drive change and make forklift safety a top priority in our workplaces. 

If you are interested in more safety resources, tips, and free resources to make safety meetings more entertaining, find them here.

Source: osha.gov 

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