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10 Most Asked Questions

We’re addressing the top 10 most frequently asked questions from our valued customers in hopes that it’ll make your decision-making process easier. 

  1. How can I place an order? And why can’t I just “add to cart”? 

To place an order, you can: 

  • Fill out a “request a quote” form here.
  • Call us at 616-494-9974 
  • Email us at [email protected]. Simply answer a few questions and we will provide you with a customized quote for your truck and application needs. 
  • We don’t offer online ordering because our systems are customized to your truck and your needs. We wouldn’t feel right if you purchased a camera from us that won’t solve your problems or fit your equipment, so we have skilled salespeople who will learn about your operation and quote you a lasting solution. 
  1. What information does HVS need from me to get the right camera? 

 To make the best recommendation, we need the following information from you: 

  • Truck (make and model) 
  • Desired camera view 
  • Intended use/goal of the system 
  • Environment details (weather exposure, refrigeration, indoor/outdoor use, etc.) 
  1. Do you offer tech support? 

Yes, we offer technical support during working hours (8am – 4pm, Monday – Friday). Please identify the issue and provide the serial numbers of key system components for quicker support. For tech support or assistance regarding connectivity on your DVR system with your network, please call (616) 494-9974 to redeem your (30) minutes of complimentary professional networking technical support.

  1. How long does installation take? 

Installation time varies depending on the system. Our Integra Line and FlexCam Line should take between 30 minutes – 1 hour, others will be installed in 3-6 hours, while our more complex systems requiring IT collaboration may take longer. Estimates can be provided based on the system.

  1. My operators break everything, will the system survive? 

Yes! HVS provides the most rugged recording systems on the market, designed for durability. Also, if your operators are breaking everything, don’t you want to find out how this is happening? This is exactly why you want a recording system – to prevent accidents!  

  1. How can I record without dealing with SD cards? 

We do have options available to record without SD cards. The IDRVW recorder can be fitted with up to a 4TB solid-state hard drive for more capacity than SD cards. IT can also connect to your wi-fi network, automatically exporting recordings to network storage for unlimited capacity. Managers can play back recordings or get a live view through the cameras on the forklift from their desk or device. 

  1. Can I record my operators instead of the truck surroundings?  

Absolutely! An HVS recording system can record your truck operators. We see this when managers need records of operator behavior and pre- and post- shift checks. Add a second camera with a monitor and you and the truck operator can view what the forks are doing.  

  1. What size monitors do you have? 

HVS has various monitor sizes. Recommended sizes vary, so we will help you find what you need. Typically, rear-view and recording systems can have a 7” or 10” monitor, while an Integra or Mast Cami can have a 7” or 9” monitor. We will recommend the appropriate monitor size based on your application.  

  1. What is the warranty/return policy? 

Generally, products have a 1-year warranty (excluding batteries). The warranty does not cover overvoltage. Returns outside of 30 days may have a restock fee.

  1. Do you supply cameras for industries and equipment besides forklifts? 

Yes! HVS has supplied cameras for many industrial applications, including telehandlers, marine lifts, military vehicles, tractors, and more. See our “Applications” page here for more. 

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