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How will an HVS Forklift Camera System Help in Your Application?
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Recommended Video Systems:
System 3, Wireless Transmitter System

Warehouse utilization can be improved dramatically by narrowing travel aisles or eliminating every-other aisle and changing to four-deep racking. A 30-50% increase in storage can be realized with a corresponding decrease in unit storage costs. Reorganizing the warehouse in this manner is normally much cheaper than adding additional square footage.

With narrow aisles it is much more difficult to see if the truck's forks are properly aligned with the pallet because the operator is looking nearly straight up along the edge of the shelving. Some lift trucks offer programmable shelf height settings but these are of little help if shelves vary in height around the warehouse, or shelving is deep or pallets are turned or broken. Product damage can increase, operators complain of neck pain, and pick operations slow down.

Holland Vision Systems' forklift camera systems make pick and put away operations go more quickly because operator confidence increases. Operators are able to see from the perspective of their forks regardless of how high the racks are or how narrow the aisles are. Operators can use the overhead-guard mounted video screen to guide the forks accurately into the pallet, resulting in decreased product damage.

Available Video Systems

System 3 Video System

System 3 LCD This system features a 6.8" full-color LCD monitor which provides a sharp, natural image. It is housed in a metal case for durability. Users appreciate the monitor's thin, unobtrusive size and highly-adjustable ball-and-socket mount It is paired with a rugged, metal-cased camera and is often used with our transmitter/receiver set to create a wireless forklift camera system that facilitates retrofit installations. view more System 3 details.

Freezer-Rated System

Freezer Rated Our System 3-RF-F is designed to make material handling in narrow cold-storage warehouse aisles safer and more efficient. It shares a high-performance 6.8" color LCD monitor with our popular System 3 and adds the protection needed to operate all day in freezing temperatures. Also available in a wireless model. view more Freezer Rated System details


System WP Our new outdoor forklift camera system includes a weatherproof LCD monitor. Designed to be at home in bright sunlight, rain and salt air. Perfect for use as a boat lift camera system in dry-storage operations so operators can avoid damaging boats. view more Weather Proof System details

Wireless Transmitter

RF2008MOB Wireless Transmitter The RF2008MOB wireless video transmission system allows the camera to be positioned where it has the best view while avoiding the cost, installation effort, and maintenance required for additional cables run through the mast. view more Wireless Transmitter details

Wireless Transmitter