Industrial Camera Systems: The New Standard

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About Holland Vision Systems

Since 1996, Holland Vision Systems has been providing rugged video camera systems tailored to meet customer needs. Like a lot of companies, we started by recognizing that we could fill a need. We saw that farmers operated large, heavy equipment with many blind spots. Agricultural production equipment operates outdoors and is exposed to all sorts of weather, dirt, and vibration. We saw that there were no suitable mobile video system products - monitors as well as cameras - that could survive that environment, so we set about designing a robust system from scratch. We wrote a specification describing how exactly how the system was to operate, designed circuit boards, specified components, programmed microprocessors, machined enclosures, and assembled the product ourselves.

Since that time we have come a long way, expanding from mobile camera systems for agriculture to rugged forklift camera systems, to stationary camera systems for monitoring horse barns and dairies, to video security and observation systems and camera systems for monitoring industrial processes. We have realized many synergies in serving these diverse markets. As we have come to understand the challenges of each application, we often find that we can apply cross-over technology to innovate new products. This has allowed us to delight our customers because we can offer unique solutions and a broader range of options to meet their needs. We plan on continuing this approach as one of the core strategies of our business.

The other pillar of our business strategy is customer service. There has been tremendous growth in the number of closed-circuit TV products available and the amount of features provided has increased. This has made it more difficult for an average consumer (or an industrial user, for that matter) to design a system that will meet their needs. From the very beginning, Holland Vision Systems has used a "consultative approach" by getting to know each customer, treating them with respect, taking the time to understand their business and their video surveillance needs, and working with them to develop a system that meets their requirements and their budget. We place high value on our reputation and the customer relationships we develop, so we continue to provide responsive, friendly customer service for as long as you own our product.